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Sport Mesh! Unconventional Fabric Choice for Bridesmaid Dress

9 Jun

Piqued by the great reviews on international pattern magazines, I decided to order a couple of them off of Ebay.   I ordered March and April issue of Manequim, April issue of Knipmode, and 301 to 304 issues of Patrones plus the Young issue and Party Dress Issue.  They all came quickly within two weeks.

So I was going through April issue of Manequim and they had a feature on fabric trends for Winter 2011.  One of the trends was using sporty fabric and notions in unconventional way.  This brought back memories of the bridesmaid dresses that I made for my wedding last year using sport mesh.  Yes, I used sport mesh. Why you might ask?  Why not. It matched the color I wanted for my bridesmaid and the fabric was unbelievably cheap (I was a very budget conscious bride).  My color pallet was inspired by the Prada spring 2010 ready-to-wear collection: dark steel gray, black and white. Originally I wanted my bridesmaid in white, but my husband was freaking out and thought I should be the only one in white.

The sport mesh is a non-stretch type used in sport jerseys.  It has a nice sheen and it has a weight similar to that of satin. Very easy to sew with and it doesn’t fray.

I used Butterick pattern B5319 for the bridesmaid dresses, omitting the sleeves.  I also lined the dresses which weren’t in the original pattern with a light weight white satin. The pattern was easy to sew. No major alteration to the pattern except for taking in the center back of the bodice back to prevent the unsightly gaping all of my bridesmaid had during the first fitting.

Being the procrastinator that I am, I completed four bridesmaid dresses, two flower girl dresses and muslin for all six garments a month before the wedding.  I was happy with the end result. If I had more time I would have liked to make the skirt on the bridesmaid dress more voluminous.