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Missing Manequim magazines…

27 Jun

Busy, busy, busy spring and summer.  Sorry for not posting in May, I just finish completing a five week online course, which kept me busy.  I am also busy with doing extra housework since my husband is out of commission due to a dislocated elbow from mountain biking.  I am behind with all my magazines and releases of new patterns from the big 4, so I know this post is a bit behind.

Recently my Manequim magazines have been going AWOL in the mail.  I was mailed the wrong magazine for April and a replacement never came. My May issue never appeared, but after contacting customer service they have agreed to mail me another May issue.  Thankfully June issue showed up today, so I am a bit relieved I am only missing two issues instead of three.  I dread it when I miss an issue of Manequim.  Out of all the pattern and sewing magazines that I subscribe to, this is my favorite pattern magazine.

I was going through my last Manequim, which was the March issue, before this fiasco happened and they have this bag pattern which is in the same likeness of the Stella McCartney Fallabella fold-over tote (retail at $1265.00).  This bag has been around since 2010 and has been a popular bag among celebrities to carry.

Photo taken from

The Manequim version looks close to the Stella McCartney bag and it’s easy to sew.  For a fraction of the price, you can make your own Fallabella bag.

Manequim  March 001


Yaaay!! Got my September Manequim.

30 Oct

I got a nice surprise in my mailbox four days ago; I received my September Manequim issue.  Yaaay!!  Finally after two months of waiting, Canada Post has found my magazine.  Generally I don’t do any reviews on Manequim or Knipmode since Fehr Trade and other bloggers does such a great job on reviewing them.  However, I wanted to note that there is a lovely color-blocked dress that wasn’t in her review.

This dress reminds me of a Calvin Klein dress that I have been seeing on celebrities this fall.