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Toronto Caribbean Carnival 2012

2 Sep

Been a busy last couple of weeks, from vacationing in New York, participating in Caribana, attending a wedding in Montreal and sadly even attending a funeral back home. I’m back now and here to post my experience playing mas (abbreviation for masquerade) at Caribana.
Candyland was the title theme of the band that I participated with. Sugary confections such as Juicy Fruit, Bubblicious, and Cotton Candy were the inspiration for the costumes. My costume, Eye Candy, wasn’t named after any sugary goodies, but since it has the word “candy” it kept to the theme.  I was feeling adventurous this year so I chose a caged bra instead of the regular bra top. Thankfully I had no wardrobe malfunction with the caged bra but it dug into my skin a little making it uncomfortable to wear.

I decided to play with a different band this year from the one I played with last year. I chose a band that has a reputation for being late with their costumes, but since I have played with them on two subsequent years, one year with no problem at all and the other year with late delivery on my backpack (the shoulder/back piece). I took a gamble and decided to play mas with this band again – what a dud my gamble turned out.

First, they gave me and my friends the run around regarding the pickup date for our costume; first it was Monday, then Wednesday, and finally Friday the night before the parade. I can’t even tell you how upset my friends and I were over this delay. Second, my friends and I get to the mas camp on Friday and were kept waiting for several hours for our costume. In the seven years of participating in Caribana this has never ever happened to me. I was so disgusted that they weren’t even apologetic about keeping us waiting for so long. By nine at night I received my costume minus my necklace and bracelet, I was too tired to hassle them for the missing accessories so I used my leg band as a choker as a substitute.

Despite the delay in my costume, I had a good time at the parade. The sweltering heat added to the festivities mimicking the tropic like our costumes.


Costumes from the Toronto Caribbean Festival 2011 a.k.a Caribana

1 Aug

Taking a break from writing about sewing, I have decided to write a quick post about my participation in the Toronto Caribbean Festival and the beautiful costumes made for the parade.  This is my sixth year playing MAS (short for masquerade) in the Caribana parade and the costumes gets more elaborate with every year that I participate.  This year for the first time I played MAS with Saldenah, a veteran in Toronto’s Caribana parade since 1977.  The title theme for his band this year was “Secret from the Outer Limits”, so the costumes were loosely inspired by all things space and astronomical.  I chose the costume called Frozen Abyss of Sirius because of the color and drama of the costume.  Here are pictures of my costume in pieces minus the bikini bottom (not interesting just a plain bikini bottom) and the back pack (it’s pretty huge and it photographs better on a person).  They are a little bit worse for wear since it was photographed after my participation in the parade.

My headdress

Close up of my headdress

My blinged out bikini

Close up of the bikini top

My tail feather – Back of the belt

Front of the belt

Leg tie (tied below the knee)

Jewelry to match my costume

The complete look on parade day

Back view of my back pack (I have a tail that moves when I dance)

Closer view of my back pack

Here are pictures of the costumes that were displayed in the parade.

From Saldenah – D Visitors

From Saldenah – Black Hole

From Saldenah – Umbriel

From Saldenah – Super Nova

From Saldenah – Black Hole (Frontliner)

From Saldenah – Milky Way

From Mas Toronto – Ocean Warrior

From Mas Toronto – D’Eruption (Frontliner)

From Toronto Revellers – Over the Rainbow

From Toronto Revellers – Weathering the Storm

From Toronto Revellers – Dorothy (left) and Lullaby (right)

From Toronto Revellers – Glinda the Good Witch

From Carnival Nationz- Angel

From Carnival Nationz – Quetzal

From Carnival Nationz – Pheonix