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Cynthia Rowley Dress Pattern

16 Apr

I couldn’t help but write a post about a dress I saw today in the May issue of  Lucky magazine.  The dress is a Cynthia Rowley dress seen below circled in red.
To my surprise, this dress is one of the new release patterns from Simplicity.  Generally, the Cynthia Rowley patterns are from past collections not from the current collection. Its nice to have a designer pattern released close to the collection its representing.

I love this pattern and its on my list of must buy patterns.


Mrs Stylebook Spring 2012 Review Part 1

12 Apr

I know I haven’t been posting as regularly. It has been a pretty crazy last couple of months for me.  I will be reviewing the Mrs Stylebook Spring 2012  in several parts because it will take me a while to go through it. I also finally got my scanner started so no more blurry photograph with my digital camera.  I hope you guys enjoy!

There are about 96 patterns to draft – consisting an even amount of pants, skirts, tops, dresses, and jackets to make for a spring wardrobe. The paper patterns included for this issue are two jackets and two coats.

The four garments are coordinated with other draftable garments featured in the magazine and it is styled showing two looks – mature and youthful.

Starting with the scoop neckline coat with three-quarter length sleeves, is paired with a floral pencil skirt (left), a pair of black jeggings (right),

striped tunic shirt with scallop hem (left), dress with waist tucks and contrasting side panels (left middle), dress shirt and roll capri pants (right middle), floral ankle pants (right).

The gingham jacket with cuff sleeves and a decorative back tie is paired with a  peg leg cargo pants [I love! I love!] (left), loose trousers with ankle tabs (middle), midi skirt with godets (right),

knee length skirt with box pleats (left), tunic with a drapey front (middle right), skirt with a peculiar origami fold in the front (right).

The multi-tiered coat made with shirting fabric is paired with a sheath dress that has two decorative horizontal seams on the bodice (right),

shorts (left), skirt with a gathered center back (left middle), skirt with an unusual placement of pleats in an angle seam (right middle), T-shirt with an asymmetrical hemline and khaki pants with a slit pocket on the left thigh (right).

Collarless jacket with detachable ruffle collars and a back peplum skirt is paired with a sheath dress with pleat detailing on the neckline (right),

yoke skirt with pleats (middle left), loose fitting t-shirt with diagonal seaming from the neckline (middle right), skirt with elastic details on the hem (right).

There is a section where they interview  Japanese designers and  paired it with garments you can draft and make from the designer’s collection.

Starting with the “Hiromi Yoshida” (left page) label,  a dress and a jacket are given to the reader to draft and sew.  They are both very easy to draft.  The dress is a color-blocked jersey dress with two pockets concealed along the seam.  The princess seam jacket is collarless with a jewel neckline and no pockets.  But what makes this simple jacket so interesting is the expose seams with a Hong Kong/bound finish used as a decorative detail.

Next, we have a tunic blouse and a shrug from “KEI Hayama PLUS” (right page).  The blouse is a mix of two big trends of 2012, the pajama trend and the floral trend.  If the two trends had a baby, this blouse would be  its lovechild.  The shrug is straightforward in terms of sewing.  If you ever sewn or even knitted a shrug, the pattern is fundamentally the same.  To draft this shrug it doesn’t require a bodice block just your height measurement.

I love the appliqué on this very simple skirt from “machiko jinto london” (right page).  The pattern for the skirt is basically a long rectangle that has been pleated to give it a fuller look.

From “DoClasse” (left page), a linen cotton coat with contrast boarder along the neckline, center front, sleeve hems, pockets, and center back.  I Googled the brand DoClasse and they have an online shopping site, which also has this coat on it.  I compiled pictures off the website to show the different views of the coat.