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“Drape Drape” in English!

23 Feb

The third book in the pattern magic series “Pattern Magic Stretch Fabrics” by Tomoko Nakamichi will be available in English on March 21.  The pattern magic books are an avant-garde take on the world of pattern drafting.  I first discovered the pattern magic books when I was in Tokyo in 2001.  At that time, they just released the first book in the series and I bought it even though I didn’t read an ounce of Japanese.  It would take another nine years for an English publisher to buy the rights to translate the first book.

The same publisher who translated the Pattern Magic books is now releasing a translated version of the first book in the “Drape Drape” series.

I am kicking myself for having asked for “Drape Drape 2” and “Drape Drape 3” for my Christmas present last year.  (I already own “Drape Drape 1” since 2008.)  I could have waited just a little bit longer and got the translated version.


At this rate, they will probably translate the Japanese Madeline Vionnet book (which I also have), a supplement to the Betty Kirke book.

“Drape Drape” is very different from the “Pattern Magic” books.  It isn’t a drafting book, but rather a book with ready-made patterns to sew, accompanied with illustrated instructions on the sewing process.  The patterns come in four sizes: S, M, ML, and L. (This is from my Japanese version.  I am guessing they might change it to XS, S, M, and L for the English edition.  The sizes run pretty small.  I fit into the large.  The large has a bust measurement of 90cm.)  I want to comment that the publisher description for this book is a bit misleading.  It says:

“This is the latest book from the pattern cutting and construction experts at Bunka Fashion College in Japan, school of Yohji Yamamoto. It includes 17 fashionable and achievable designs, with easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions and diagrams that guide the reader through the draping process. With two folded patterns at the back, this book provides inspiring ideas and highly practical techniques for anyone wanting to learn about draping.”

This IS NOT a draping book.  It has patterns that explore different draping techniques, but it isn’t an instructional on how to achieve this look through draping on a dress form or through drafting.

The designs in “Drape Drape” are avant-garde and despite the skinny models, do not think its design just for the slim.  I have seen sewers of different sizes wearing the designs from this book with great success.  The books have developed a cult following among blogging sewers around the world.  Just Google it and you will know what I mean.  The English translation of “Drape Drape” by Hisako Sato is available in stores on May 16.