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New Vogue Spring 2012 Patterns

28 Jan

My picks from the new pattern release:

Donna Karen
Love this dress with all the intricate seaming.

Donna Karen
Love the draping and the color combo of white and navy.  My favorite pattern out of this release.

Donna Karen
I love the cowl top but I am not sure about the skirt with the gathers across the bottom.

Tom and Linda Platt
70s inspired jersey dress with a modern twist with the curve seaming and gathers.

Guy Laroche
It looks amazing on the model, but I am not sure if it would on me.

Tracy Reese
Wrap dress with an interesting shape neckline.

Tracy Reese
Yikes!  This fabric doesn’t pair well with this design.  I love the dress but not the fabric.

Love this dress. Its silhouette is similar to Donna Karen V1220 pattern.

Badgley Mischka
Rollin rollin rollin in the river…I want to dance to Proud Mary in this dress channeling Tina Turner.

Pamella Roland
Asymmetrical draping, a modern take on the Grecian dress.

Bellville Sassoon
Love the folds and pleats of this structural collar on the top.

Today Fit’s by Sandra Betzina
I must confess that I have never been interested in Sandra Betzina’s patterns until this blouse pattern came along.  This blouse is flattering for all shapes and sizes and conceals a multitude of sins.

Men’s Jeans
I have always wanted to make a pair of jeans for my husband but was too lazy to draft a pattern from scratch.  Now I have no excuse.  This pattern comes in both boot-legged and tapered fit.


DIY Flapper Headband

26 Jan

Happy Chinese New Year!

I know I have been slacking on my posting, but I have been inundated with holiday celebrations.  The latest being Chinese New Year, which came pretty early this year.

I went to quite a few parties during the Christmas holiday and one of them was a 20s theme party inspired by the HBO show “Boardwalk Empire”.  I wasn’t given much notice to create an outfit from scratch so I decided to make just a headband and pair it with a dress that was already in my closet.

What you need:

  • Glue gun
  • Trim of your choice with the length being the circumference of your head minus 2″ inches (I chose a trim that was one inch wide)
  • Feathers (I used an ostrich feather with two peacock feathers)
  • Crafting felt
  • 3″ inch of elastic matching the width of the trim

Step 1 ~ Cut out the felt the same width and length of your trim.  You might have to join the felt pieces together to get the desire length if the felt piece you bought doesn’t extend to that length, if that is the case, leave 1/4″ seam allowance for sewing the pieces together.  Open up the seam.

NOTE: If you don’t want to sew the felt together but rather glue gun the pieces together that is fine too.  I prefer to sew the pieces because it creates less bulk when you glue it to the back of your trim.

Step 2 ~ Decide on the feather placement on your headband.  Once you have decided, glue the feathers behind the trim.  Hold the feathers in place for a minute to allow the glue to dry.

Step 3 ~ Glue the elastic 1/2″ inch in on both ends of the trim.  Hold it in place and let the glue dry for a minute.  You have just joined the ends to make it a headband.

NOTE: If you get a trim that has stretch.  You can omit the 3″ inch of elastic and just glue/sew the ends together.  Just make sure you stretch it around your head to make sure you have the appropriate length.

Step 4 ~ Take your felt backing and glue wrong side together.    Making sure your ends are flush with each other.  Let it dry before trying it on.

NOTE: If you had a trim like mine which has seam allowance along the edges, fold the seam allowance behind the trim and glue the felt backing over it.

Ta Da!!  You have made your own flapper headband.