Mrs Stylebook (Autumn) 2011 Review Part 3

31 Dec

Hope everybody had a good holiday.

Finally the end of my review!  I chose a couple of pattern drafts that I liked throughout this issue.  There were a lot of shapeless dresses in this issue so I didn’t cover any of those dresses.

(Left) Another blanket coat, but has a more relax feel than the one I previously posted, with the longer length, the shawl collar and the looser fit.  (Right) Asymmetrical buttoned up coat with a funnel neck. I love the idea of wearing a bright red coat to take away the winter blues away.

(Left) I am past the age of wearing velour jackets, but I adore the color blocking on this jacket.  The pattern uses three different colors.  I am not fond of the color choices used for the finished project.  But if I were to make this jacket, I would do it in black, grey, and white or if I were feeling colourful, I would use the Gucci 2011 palette of aquamarine, teal and violet.   (Right) Duffle coats always evoke memories of Paddington the Bear.  A classic piece that keeps you all warm and cozy especially with the wet snow and wind chills we have been getting in Toronto these last couple of days.

I always like to review the non-drafting projects featured near the end of the magazine.  I find them fun to view even though they are unwearable for me.  Remember the recycling projects in the 2011 early summer issue.  They are back again!

Made from old scarfs, the one on the left is a shorter top with a v-neck and the one on the right is a tunic with a funnel collar.  They both employ the fringes from the scarf as a design detail, wasting as little as possible.

(Left) Apron to a pinafore.  (Right)  A long dress into a tunic.

I thought this was a great section on how to employ design details with strip fabric.  Through fabric layout and/or pocket placements, you can create different design elements.  All four shirts use the same pattern and through the above techniques, they become four different shirts.

A section on how to make a tote bag using upholstery fabric.

For those who like to knit, knitting instructions on how to knit three pairs of socks and a snood scarf.


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