20 Oct

Yesterday I received my October Knipmode but they misdelivered my October Manequim and November Harper’s Baazar to my next-door neighbor.  I am wondering if this is what has happened to my September Manequim; somebody got it and is enjoying it too much to give it back to me.  I notify Canada Post regarding this problem, that some of my mail has been misdelivered and that I have also been receiving other tenant’s mail.  They told me they will get back to me next week regarding the problem.    I also emailed Manequim to double check if they have forgotten to send it out to me.  I am hoping they will resend the September issue to me.  Arrghh…the frustration of it all.


One Response to “Arghhh……Frustration!”

  1. kaitui_kiwi October 21, 2011 at 12:28 am #

    I’ve missed at least two Manequim magazines, I suspect they got nicked from our post box, but Manequim have always been really good at re-sending them so I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you xx

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