Vogue Winter/Holiday 2011

30 Sep

I was doing some last-minute pattern shopping online before the Vogue (3.88), McCall(2.88) and Butterick(1.88) sale ended and right before midnight they posted new patterns just as I finished paying for my purchase.  Arggghhh….I could have purchase the new ones.  Now I have to wait for the next sale.  Pretty good line up for this October.  Here are my picks:

Pamella Roland

Business in the front, party in the back.  I love the mix of the tuxedo lapel on the front and  the wild skirt flounces/godets on the back.  My favorite out of the new releases.

   Pamella Roland

Interesting use of  contrasting fabric meshing tulle and metallic fabric.

Tom and Linda Platt

Asymmetrical hemline and detailing  on the shoulder and waist.  Very chic and sophisticated.

Vogue Easy Options

The lace dress is big this year so it’s appropriate that Vogue Pattern jumped on the bandwagon and sell us a pattern with four variations of the lace dress, my favorite being the one the model is wearing.

Vintage Vogue

Nope, it isn’t a pattern from the early 80’s, even though this picture looks like it is, but from the 40’s (I think).  I love the cut of the jacket and it would look amazing with a pair of skinny jeans.  I  purchase this pattern for just the jacket alone.

Vogue Wardrobe

My wardrobe barely consists of business wear.  But if one day I had to acquire a wardrobe looking like a business professional this would be my go to pattern.

Very Easy Very Vogue

I love the whole color blocking trend this year.   If you hate it you can sew this dress up in one color.

Very Easy Very Vogue

Another color blocking pattern!  Though the model in the picture is wearing the solid color version of this top.

Vogue Pants

I have been obsessing over owning a pair of great fitting red jeans that doesn’t cost over fifty dollars.  This pattern might just end my obsession.  Hopefully the fit is a good as it looks on the model.

Vogue Bag

Another huge trend of 2011, the cross body bag, a little late on the delivery but satisfying none the less.  I can’t tell you how many of these bags I own and bought this year.  I have a brown bag from H&M, olive-green from Nine West, black quilted from Mango, silver from Coach and another in a snake print from Coach and to tell you the truth I am still not sick of the cross body bag.  I have to say this is one of the most fashion forward accessory pattern Vogue Pattern has released in a while.


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