Metro Textiles in New York City

6 Sep

I didn’t have a chance to write about my wonderful shopping experience at Metro Textiles when I went to see the McQueen exhibit in New York City.   I heard about Metro through the Pattern Review forums and through other bloggers.  In fact, blogger Erica B has a YouTube video of her shopping at Metro Textiles and talking to Kashi, the owner.

Metro Textiles was the only fabric store I visited while I was there, only because I spent all my money there.  The selection was pretty good, maybe not as extensive as Mood’s but the prices were definitely lower than Mood’s.  The customer service was excellent.  Kashi takes the time to help you look for fabric and even recommend others that you might like.  He was never pushy or rude even when I didn’t take to some of his recommendations.  I recommend Metro Textiles for sewers looking for good deals on quality fabric in New York City.

Here are my purchases from Metro.  I don’t remember the prices for each fabric, but they range from $5/yard to $15/yard:

Fuchsia Sweater Knit

Purple Pattern Silk Chiffon

Peau de Soie with Cut Outs

Floral Stretch Cotton Print

Metallic Circles Jacquar

The best find for me was this Milly raven printed silk fabric.

This fabric was in a must have blouse from Milly’s last year fall/winter collection called the “Selina Bow Blouse” the  that was featured in the television show “Gossip Girl” .


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  1. Fatima Lopes September 17, 2011 at 3:35 pm #

    Fantástico o seu blogue! :)))

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